Medical Apparatus and Instruments Laser Marked by Laser Marking Machine

To apply laser marking engraving to medical apparatus and instruments industry, it causes no pollution to them and is more environmentally protective.
The concrete applications include laser engraving logo, words, numbers on the metal or plastic medical apparatus by laser marking engraving machine, date coding on medicines packages by laser marking printing machines.


laser marking engraving applied on medical treatment industry

Using lasers to mark medical components creates clean, permanent marks without making contact with parts. including marking medical-grade plastics, metals, glass or pharmaceutical tablets, Mactron's laser equipment will meet your application needs. They can efficiently complete large-scale processing tasks on the assembly line.


laser welding applied on Medical medical treatment industry

Medical device welding requires extreme precision to create clean, durable hermetically sealed welds. Laser welding meets these needs.
Laser welding systems are an essential tool for today's modern dental laboratory. Laser welding systems assist dental laboratory technicians in fabrication and reconstructive repair procedures, including new cast clasp assembly, loops and posts for tooth additions, cast extensions for existing partials, new wrought wire single-arm clasping, as well as many other welding services.
Mactron's laser welding machine is high flexible and can perform flexible transmission welding on parts that are difficult to process. It is also equipped with a CCD camera monitoring system for easy observation and precise positioning.