Application of laser in chip industry

Application of laser in chip industry

Application of laser in chip industry

Application of laser in chip industry

The IC chip market is in short supply
In recent years, with the popularization of remote office, online learning, mobile games and Internet electronic products, the demand for semiconductor chips has gradually increased in many industries. In addition, The complexity of chip R&D and production process and international trade pressure have led to a shortage of chip supply. This causing multiple industries such as automobiles, mobile phones and games to be affected to varying degrees. With the epidemic blockade and economic recovery in various countries, in the next few quarters, the demand for chips will far exceed the supply, which means that the shortage of chips will continue until 2022.

High-quality chip manufacturing requires 300 to 500 processes, Involving precision machine tools, precision optics, precision chemicals and other fields. The chip is small, but powerful. In order to identify and distinguish chips, merchants can mark important information such as model number, serial number, and production number on the surface of finished chips; at the same time, they can also mark brand names and icons to demonstrate professionalism and standardization.

Advantages of laser marking
The traditional marking pattern is rough and easy to fall off, and it is difficult to identify over time. The laser marking machine can perfectly solve this problem. It can not only mark on small chips, but also ensure the integrity of the chip without compromising the functional quality of the chip.

01. Excellent quality
The laser marking machine has high-quality light sources that low thermal effect, fine spot, and good beam quality. It is widely used for fine marking of thermally sensitive materials such as electronic chips, silicon gold wafers, and PCB boards.

02, Permanent
The marking effect of the laser marking machine is clear and permanent, and it is not worn out due to external factors such as temperature and friction, which meets the needs of merchants to shape their own brand and property rights.

03, High efficiency
The laser marking machine can be equipped with the control system and automated production line, It can not only automatically identify the position of the chip to achieve precise marking, but also can automatically feed, uncover, and laminate and other systematic operations.

Customized laser processing solutions
Application of laser in chip industry

In order to better protect the chip from damage and deformation, conventional chip packaging methods include TAPE&REEL, TRAY, and TUBE. At present, Mactron has launched a variety of laser processing solutions. Customers can choose and customize laser marking equipment according to their own production lines requirements.

laser marking on the chip

Under the current situation of chip shortage and chaos in the industry market, overcoming chip technology problems, shaping brand image, and safeguarding intellectual property rights have become key points that we cannot ignore. The laser marking machine has obvious advantages  for product marking, it is the preferred tool for processing marking in the chip industry.