The application technology of laser equipment is very mature in the field of kitchenware manufacturing. They can not only be used to weld stoves, western kitchen equipment, fresh-keeping cabinet, dishwashers, beverage machines, warming cars and other kitchen equipment, but also can be widely used in hotel brand customized products and interior decoration fields.

Laser Marking Engraving on Kitchen Appliances

Laser Marking Engraving Machine is now widely used in the kitchen appliances making process. Like laser Engraving special patterns on the kitchen used spoons; laser marking on the metal kitchen items. Please see some laser marking engraving samples as below.




Laser cutting on Kitchen Appliances

Laser welding machine has a wide application in Kitchen industry. It is closed to our daily life and continue to update and rise recent years. In the kitchen processing industry, we can use laser welding range hoods, gas appliances, wok, stove panels and other kitchen utensils. Lyustec laser welding machine can reduce costs and improve work efficiency to meet the kitchen industry needs.

Laser welding on Kitchen Appliances

Laser cutting machine is a very important kitchenware processing equipment. It not only reduces the processing time of kitchenware, but also has a great improvement in quality. The laser cutting machine can directly produce all kinds of kitchen utensils without molds, which has long-term significance for the kitchen utensils processing industry.