How to choose a large format laser marking machine?

How to choose a large format laser marking machine?

How to choose a large format laser marking machine?

With the development of laser technology, laser marking machine has become one of the well-known industrial processing equipment, and it is widely used in hardware, machinery, electronics, packaging, medical, glasses, automobiles and other fields. With the development of laser technology, people’s demand for laser processing is increasingly diversified, and large-format laser processing technology came into being. It can not only mark large-scale product, but also improves production efficiency .


What is large format Galvo laser marking ?

Granted , may of us in Galvo Laser Industry are adequately served with 110 x110 mm to 300 x300mm laser and although we might drool over a bigger laser , there might not be enough justification to buy one , but when does that change? At what point could we actually benefit, money wise, by investing in a larger format laser ?


Firstly , What is large format Galvo laser marking ? There are two models: one is 3D Dynamic Focusing System, and the other is traditional 2D marking machine with XY axis mobile platform .


3D dynamic focusing system marking: using advanced dynamic focusing technology, high real-time zoom control, uniform focusing spot, can support or even exceed the large-format marking requirements of 600mm×600mm, On the basis of the uniform laser beam of the traditional marking machine, it breaks through the limitations of large-format processing.


XY-axis mobile platform splicing and marking: using advanced X/Y linear module mutual-shift design, precision guide rail transmission, translation size can be customized according to application scenarios or products to meet production process requirements, suitable for different format processing and multi-carrier product positioning processing.


Two Models Comparison of large format laser marking effects

Next, How to choose a large format laser marking machine? Through the video to know the difference between the two processing methods.


Video 1: Large size product + large overall pattern


Video 2: Large size product + overall contains multiple small patterns



Both the 3D dynamic focusing system and the XY-axis moving platform have their own advantages in large-format processing. Through the videos, we can see that due to the platform movement and segmented processing, the XY axis moving platform laser marking machine will have the problem of line splicing and dislocation in the process of marking “Large size product + large overall pattern”. However, both processing methods have the same processing effect in dealing with “Large size product + overall contains multiple small patterns”.


How to choose a suitable machine for large format processing?
If you have a sufficient purchase budget and have high requirements on the accuracy and integrity of graphic marking, we recommend that you choose a 3D dynamic focus laser marking machine, which can not only achieve large-format marking, but also perform surface processing and deep engraving, powerful functional.


If your processing graphics are divisible, and the processing graphics splicing accuracy requirements are not too high, and the budget is limited, it can be achieved by moving platform splicing and marking. We recommend you to choose XY axis moving platform laser marking machine.


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