What is 3D laser engraver?

What is 3D laser engraver?

The 3D laser engraver is equipped with an advanced 3D scanning galvanometer head and control system, and adopts multi-axis dynamic focusing technology to track the focus of deep curves in real time, it can realize various processing requirements such as curved surface marking, deep engraving, and large-format marking.

3D laser engraver subvert traditional 2D marking mode.It can engrave slope,cylinder,cone,ball.and it can perfectly present target graphics on work pieces,avoid deforming .When marking large-format objects,the border won't be ignored,everywhere is marked uniformly.In addition, the 3D laser engraver can adjust the focal length to complete the three-dimensional engraving crafts.

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Founded in 2008, Dongguan Mactron Technology Co., Ltd was formerly known as Mactron Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Limited., with two brands: MACTRON and LYUSTEC, specializing in developing, manufacturing and selling of industrial laser equipment system and customized automation devices. 

LYUSTEC main products included Fiber Laser Marker, UV Laser Marker, Co2 Laser Marker, 3D Laser System, Precision Laser Cutting Machine, Robot Lasers, Automatic Laser Solutions, etc.

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Advantages of 3D Laser Engraver 

Finer Curved Marking

The 3D laser engraver has the function of three-dimensional surface marking, which can focus the fine spot within the tolerance range of 0-60mm for uniform marking. There is no need to adjust the focus, and it can complete the marking of irregular products such as curved surfaces, inclined surfaces, stepped surfaces, spheres, cylinders, and cones at one time.

Good Deep Engraving

The 3D laser engraver is equipped with a 3D fine marking system, which can meet various engraving needs such as emboss engraving, deep engraving and convex deep engraving, and the effect is accurate and beautiful. 

Large Processing Format

The 3D laser engraver breaks through the limitation of the processing format of the traditional marking machine, it can realize the processing of 300x300mm-1200x1200mm on the plane, and can mark the special-shaped products with the width of 110x110x60mm-300x300x100mm on the curved surface. The marking range can be adjusted according to the actual processing needs, and there is no loss of focus during processing.

Why Choose Lyustec 3D Laser Engraver ?


Lyustec 3D laser engraver adopts professional working platform, which improves the smoothness, stabilization and anti-seismic property of the whole machine. The 3D laser engraver is compatible for the majority of domestic and foreign laser generators.It's mainly equipped with three light sources of optical fiber, ultraviolet light and co2, and can be used for engraving of metal and non-metal materials.

Lyustec 3D laser engraver are compatible with both EzCad and Macmark 3D laser marking software.The operator can insert 3D models into the software and mark graphics, bar codes, logos, serial numbers.

Self-developed Macmark 3D laser marking software gets rid of the WINDOWS system, effectively avoids traditional failures such as crash and parameter loss, supports multiple languages and file formats, and is easy to learn and operate.

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Dear Sirs,Greetings from Colombia,at the end of 2010 I bought them through Mr.Gelly Dung,An 80 watt 900*600 CO2 laser machine.It has always worked very well.

David Wulff

I am very satisfied for top quality product,quick response and attention provided by this seller and company,Thank you!

Tomek Kocoj

Dear Sunsa we used yesterday with many different material,with wire feeder,and machine was nice.

Joseph Phimister

Hello,your fiber laser machine works well.Now we are interested in CO2 laser.We don't need big laser machines,we want to buy something like "online co2 laser marking machine MT-RF10",Tell me,please,How much does it cost?

Carsten Kemper

Very good quality,fast and safe shipment,Nothing to improve.

Sergii Omelchenko

Very nice cooperation,fast delivery,good quality,hope we have chance to work together again!

Rakesh Valera
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Compared with other manufacturers, lyustec 3D engraving machine has design patent, humanized operation and use, equipped with Germany Siemens electrical system and self-developed Macmark 3D software, which gets rid of Windows system and avoids common failure problems in the laser industry.  

This machine can dynamically focus the product to meet the engraving requirements of different depths.  

The 3D marking machine can mark products with a curved surface not exceeding 180° without the use of a rotator, such as glass cups. For more details, please consult customer service.

The 3D marking machine can be equipped with three types of lasers: optical fiber, ultraviolet and CO2, which can mark metal and non-metal materials. For more details, please contact customer service.

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Fiber lasers are also ideal for marker metals and some nonmetal materials along the industrial production chain, like plastic parts, electronic components, watch and clock, medical device, IC card, kitchen and bathroom etc.

3D laser engraver | Laser Engraving Manufacturer in China

Specializing in developing, manufacturing and selling of industrial laser equipment system and customized automation devices.LYUSTEC main products included 3D Laser marker, Fiber Laser Marker, UV Laser Marker, 3D Laser System,Automatic Laser Solutions, etc.

3D laser engraver | How to choose a suitable machine for large format processing?

If you have a sufficient purchase budget and have high requirements on the accuracy and integrity of graphic marking, we recommend that you choose a 3D dynamic focus laser marking machine, which can not only achieve large-format marking, but also perform surface processing and deep engraving, powerful functional.

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