FastMarker f2100/f3100 Portable fiber laser marking machine

FastMarker f2100/f3100 Portable fiber laser marking machine

The portable fiber laser marking machine are developed for efficient laser marking of metals and some nonmetal materials along the industrial production chain, like plastic parts, electronic components, watch and clock, medical device, IC card, kitchen and bathroom etc. They offer the perfect combination of intelligent software with high quality hardware. The small and compact size, low power consumption, up to 100,000 hours life span, continuous 24 hours working, as your best choice.

Product name:
FastMarker f2100/f3100 Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine

•Use high-quality laser source and high-speed digital galvo head.
•high laser repetition frequency.
•Performance has reached the international advance level.
•Non-contact processing, no damage to the product.
•No tool wear, good marking quality.
•Open mold die-casting to manufacture lifting frame, built-in linear guide rail, stable structure and concise design.
•Powerful and stable control system, able to be optimized for various data according to different processes.
•Easy to cooperate with automation system.

The portable fiber laser marking machine is suitable for many industries such as food, medicine, tobacco, leather, packaging, building materials, watches, kitchen and bathroom tools, electronic components, auto parts and so on.


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